Our maths results have improved by 30%

We looked at marginal pupils within a group who needed that extra support. These pupils now have tuition sessions weekly, and we use the impact reports from sessions to inform teaching within the classroom. We’ve been using Third Space Learning for the last three years and have seen maths results improve by 30 per cent in this time.

The sessions are popular with the children

Tuition is delivered online, and I think the fact that it is delivered over the internet is engaging, and the children talk about it as a group afterwards. So much so that the word really spreads between the children and they all really want to have an opportunity to do it. It’s almost that there is envy in the cohort, but actually it’s positive because they’re talking about maths and talking about their learning. They are establishing those relationships, with their peers and their tutors. It’s impressive in terms of the way the children speak about maths, but also to each other and to the teachers. There is a positive relationship between staff and pupils- something we have worked relentlessly on for some time.

It’s teaching the children enthusiasm for and confidence in maths

As a result of school closures and lost learning, a lot of the time children lost confidence in themselves. This gives them the opportunity to regularly speak to somebody and establish a relationship. The children develop their oracy as well and we have seen a change in how they speak and talk about maths, and their wider learning in general. We don’t have the hard data but you can see within our classrooms which children are accessing the tutoring because of their ability to articulate their learning. I think it does show that tutoring can impact positively, in terms of pupils being good citizens and being able to talk to different people from different contexts.