Our pupils are seeing a real benefit from their two sessions a week

The pupils do seem to be really engaged throughout; there’s never any issues with behaviour during the lessons. One boy in particular turned around to me and said, ‘sir this is so much better than our class lessons’. He really does struggle with maths, but having that one to one focus from his tutor has been a real benefit for him!

It’s been great to see our pupils talking about their maths!

Just being in the classroom and hearing the pupils interact and speak confidently about their maths has been a real benefit for them, it’s been great. That was something they really needed, to verbalise their answers. They often knew the correct answer but were not sure how to explain how they actually got there so the intervention has really helped with that.

Speaking with their own tutor has been enlightening for the pupils

This isn’t a very diverse area and, since the tutors are based in India and Sri Lanka, I thought we were bound to get comments about the tutors’ accents but this hasn’t been true. It’s been enlightening for the children to have the opportunity to interact with people from other parts of the world, and they’ve enjoyed that aspect of the lessons a lot. It hasn’t been a barrier, but has actually been a positive. They look forward to speaking with their tutor each week!

We really value the reporting aspect of the intervention

I really like the email that tells us how many pupils have logged on. We’ve just done the mission checkpoint and this is really useful to see how the pupils are getting on and whether they are completing the checkpoint slow or fast, to see whether they are properly focusing on it.