Darren Madourie is dedicated to bridging the maths attainment gap at Holte School and had followed Third Space Learning for a while before introducing the online tutoring in his school.

Selected students from KS3 and KS4 started on their personalised learning journey in January 2022 and, within a few weeks, Darren had already seen significant progress from his students. 

“A few students have been on the programme from the very beginning that have already been moved up into a higher set of mathematics. This is heartwarming for me because they’re now in my class, giving me the opportunity to monitor them more closely. It gives me a better idea of what objectives to set for them so I’m really thrilled.” 

Keen to show the success of the intervention to various members of SLT, Darren shares how impressed they’ve been with Third Space Learning sessions. 

“The feedback from the whole of SLT has been fantastic. The Head of Mathematics popped into a session and was blown away by what he saw. Our Deputy Headteacher also attended a session and said how fantastic it was to see how engaged each student was with their tutor and their learning.” 

And most importantly, the students at Holte School are enjoying their one to one sessions. 

“Without a doubt they’re loving the time they have with their tutors. Word is getting out throughout their peers that the programme is fantastic.” 

After seeing a GCSE session in action, Jas Gakhal – Sixth Form Lead, wanted to introduce the revision programme to Year 12 and 13 students that are resitting their maths GCSEs. 

“Darren arranged for me to attend one of the sessions and I must say the work that Third Space Learning does is great! I’m really excited to expand the support you provide into our Sixth Form as I feel the students will really benefit from the tuition.” 

Even before introducing the online interventions at Holte School, Darren had been downloading our free maths resources which support classroom teaching from KS1 right through to KS4. 

“I have been using Third Space Learning’s free maths resources in my classes and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of them. I found them particularly useful when helping my students prepare for their exams.”

“Having access to resources that go as far back as Year 1 is very well received in my maths department. I see nothing but great things from having Third Space Learning at Holte considering we will have nearly 200 primary pupils joining us in September who will be well below where they should be.” 

Looking into the future, Darren is keen to demonstrate that Third Space Learning can be integral to the long term development of Holte School’s maths department. 

“From my own point of view, it’s been amazing. Sessions are going remarkably well. The reports are invaluable and really useful to show progress of each student and the effectiveness of the programme. My Headteacher has an idea of where he wants provisions such as this to go and no doubt ringfence funding for interventions like Third Space Learning.”