When reflecting on the past few years, Sue Walsh, Headteacher at Hague highlights why Third Space Learning works so well for her staff and pupils.

“Third Space Learning works really well for those pupils who aren’t yet confident with maths. They have regular one to one learning with their own tutor on a programme that’s specifically designed to meet their needs. It consolidates any learning they might have missed or are confused about. I think it’s really beneficial and a great opportunity for them to have.”

In July 2022, Hague were extremely happy with their overall SATs results, and the results of their Third Space Learners. This is something that was echoed in other schools – with 93% of teachers surveyed saying Third Space Learning helped their Year 6s achieve a higher score in their maths SATs than they would have otherwise.

Ekram Ali, Maths Leader, shared some fantastic news about the success of their Year 6 cohort of Third Space Learners. 

“When bearing in mind the impact of the last 2 years, I’m really happy with our SATs results. Over 80% of our Third Space Learners met the Year 6 expectations in their SATs and when they came into Year 6, they were working at Year 2 or 3 level.” 

“I chose them to do sessions because they weren’t confident with maths and really just didn’t like the subject. I can see that the weekly one to one sessions they’ve had with their tutors has definitely had a positive impact, especially on their overall engagement and confidence in maths.” 

“One pupil was essentially working at pre-key stage foundation in Year 2 but he’s absolutely skyrocketed, especially with the help of the Third Space Learning sessions. He had been working towards the Expected Standard and made so much progress. He was only 1 mark away from Greater Depth.” 

“Another pupil used to cry in almost every maths lesson. In assessments throughout the year, she was getting single-digit scores in the so I didn’t think she would reach the Expected Standard but she did. After attending the Third Space Learning sessions I could see she also had an attitude shift towards maths. She knows that even if she doesn’t know the answer, she should give it a go and explain how she’s doing it.” 

When looking at the impact of the SATs revision programme, Ekram details why Third Space works so well for his pupils. 

“It definitely works. Doing a test is a skill and that’s what we practise in class. When the Third Space Learners are in class and will say “I did a question like this with my tutor!”. Those practice exam questions bring context to maths and that’s essential in the reasoning paper. I like that approach a lot and it reinforces what I’m teaching in the classroom too.” 

After the SATs scores were released, Ekram shared the news with the parents of the pupils who attended Third Space Learning sessions with a detailed report and explanation of the scores. 

“Parents were shocked and when they came up to me after reading the reports, they were saying how incredible the scores were. We were all really pleased, to have children go from such low scores to reaching the Expected Standard is amazing. Third Space Learning really works; there’s no way it doesn’t!” 

To help make the most of the intervention, class teacher Jo needed a way to see how the pupils were progressing through the content and how their gaps are being plugged over time. Headteacher Sue also needed oversight to be able to evaluate the impact the sessions were having across the school and plan additional interventions.

“I use the reports because it gives a real clear indication of how the children have progressed. It shows what they’ve covered and what’s really nice is that when I show the children, they’re really pleased with what they’ve achieved.” – Jo

“When we look at the session reports, we analyse that data and can see where children have improved and what particular areas they’ve improved on. Third Space Learning is instrumental in getting children over the line and helping them fill in gaps in their learning. Especially when it comes to the Year 6 SATs.” – Sue

We had the privilege of sitting down to chat with some of Hague’s Third Space Learners to see why they love the sessions with their tutors so much.

“I love Third Space Learning because it really boosts my confidence. When I get back to class after a session, people are really shocked and amazed at how well I’m doing.” – Emmanuel

“My favourite thing about my tutor is that she speaks clearly and she makes me understand what we’re doing.” – Wasif

“Before Third Space Learning I didn’t really feel very confident with maths. But now that I have it, it helps me in maths a lot.” – Zoya

“I love Third Space Learning because I can focus on what I’m doing. It used to be hard but now I have more confidence that I can do it now even better than ever before!” – Radia 

After embedding Third Space Learning into their school for so many years, Sue shares exactly why she would recommend us to any school looking to close the maths attainment gap at their school. 

I would recommend Third Space Learning as a really effective intervention for other schools because it’s worked so well for us. The programme is effective, professional and seamless. The children love it. They’re fully engaged and it really is a great way of boosting children’s confidence and an effective way of teaching maths.”