It’s clear to see their confidence and excitement building

We use Third Space Learning for some pupils on Pupil Premium and for others who just lacked the confidence to be able to meet Year 6 expectations. Third Space’s lessons have helped these pupils develop their skills not just in the week-to-week topics they covered, but across maths as a whole. 

Third Space’s value has been so clear that I can keep recommending it

When we started we had 5 pupils on the programme; we’ve since increased this to 10 after seeing the impact it’s had. Third Space’s one-to-one sessions have been really helpful, especially with closing gaps and spotting and correcting misconceptions that teachers could miss in class. 

The results have been more than good enough to see it through budget discussions: last year 90% of pupils on the programme passed their SATs, and one of them saw their scaled score rise from 83 to 98. Outside of SATs, some Year 5 pupils were approaching questions in quizzes that they’d never have attempted before Third Space! When we had an open afternoon and hosted a number of visiting schools, I recommended Third Space to them with full confidence about its impact. 

Third Space Maths Hub fits in nicely with other resources and our own lessons

At first we stuck to just using the one-to-one lessons, but over time we’ve started using the Maths Hub resources as well. We’re using them along with things like ‘Maths – No Problem!’; the Third Space resources focus more on application and detail so we can introduce a topic with ‘Maths – No Problem’ and then build their learning with Third Space. 

Pupils are really positive about their lessons

Our pupils on the programme are excited for “Third Space day” and even feel special because they get to be part of it. It helps that they have such good relationships with their tutors; Third Space ensure they’ll have the same tutors throughout their lessons, so the relationship can build and grow. 

That sort of one-to-one engagement is something they might not get in the classroom, and it makes it seem less like work. They pop their headphones on, do a bit of maths, and then come back! It built the children’s confidence, they were happy to do it, and it was having a positive impact on progress across the school… it worked for all of them!