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See for yourself how our personalized online one-on-one math tutoring programs support schools and districts like yours to close learning gaps and accelerate growth in the students who need it most.

Help students prepare for state assessments

Lessons help students understand what’s being asked of them and how to answer each question

Build confidence and familiarity with state standards

Students receive regular opportunities to apply their learning to state standards-aligned questions

Provide a personalized journey to grade-level success

Each student works on their own learning pathway to master the objectives they need to succeed

Plug individual gaps through one-on-one tutoring

You choose which students to support and which skills they need more opportunities to practice

Monitor standards mastered and progress made over time

Regular reports track learning goals, show progress made and help inform whole class instruction

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Frequently asked questions

What happens on the demo?

We'll contact you on the day and time requested to take you through the tutoring program and demonstrate the virtual classroom students learn in with their Third Space Learning tutor. Demos typically last 15 minutes but if you have more questions we'll take as much time as you need.

What will my students learn in the tutoring sessions?

Our curriculum of lessons has been designed to help progress through the standards. Programs are available for common core and for all state-specific standards. You can choose to follow our default order of lessons or to select a unique order of lessons and topics for each student.

How long do the sessions last?

You have the flexibility to decide how long you'd like the sessions to last. We typically recommend 45 minutes for optimal learning time.

How many students do sessions have each week?

That's also completely up to you and your school or district. Most of our schools choose to have 3 sessions each week.

When will the sessions take place?

You pick whichever timeslots work best for your school. Timeslots are available from Monday - Friday between 7am - 3.30pm.

Is the tutoring aligned to state standards?

Yes, all tutoring content is fully aligned with your state’s standards. You'll be able to explore the tuition curriculum and preview the lessons during your demo.

How much does the tutoring cost?

Pricing depends on your chosen session length and frequency, so it’s difficult to show exact pricing before we’ve spoken to you to understand your school’s requirements and timeframes. As an example, one 45 minute session per week comes to just $25 per student per session.

Is Third Space Learning suitable for all school sizes and budgets?

Yes. We work with schools of all sizes. There’s no minimum or maximum number of pupils you can sign up to receive the weekly lessons and we’ll always do our best to work with your budget.

It really amazes me that they put their headset on and they’re lost in their little bubble. They’ve got no concept of the other children working around them and you can see they’re really thinking hard.

West Hordon School
Julia Bolton, Administrator

West Hordon School