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Personalised online tutoring for multiple pupils at once, guided by diagnostic assessment and delivered by maths specialists.

Closing the maths attainment gap with <span>one to one teaching</span>
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Closing the maths attainment gap with <span>one to one teaching</span>

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Boost KS2 progress

Boost KS2 progress

Plug gaps from Year 1-6, build arithmetic and reasoning skills and prepare pupils for KS2 Assessments.

View KS2 programmes
Ease KS3 transition

Ease KS3 transition

Help ease the transition for Year 7 students who are struggling to access the KS3 curriculum.

View KS3 programme
Prepare for GCSEs

Prepare for GCSEs

Prepare your KS4 students for maths GCSEs with revision lessons designed to build confidence and familiarity.

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Why schools like yours choose Third Space Learning

Reach more pupils at once

Reach more pupils at once

You choose which pupils need support; we’ll provide a dedicated specialist maths tutor and a personalised learning journey for each one

"This provides the opportunity for a large number of children to engage in a bespoke maths intervention at the same time - with personalised objectives so everyone is at the right level."

Jane Powell, Assistant Head, Barton Seagrave Primary School
Plug individual gaps

Plug individual gaps

Tutoring content, pitch and pace is fully personalised following diagnostic and in-session assessments , meaning you can plug individual gaps across cohorts.

"No matter how much of a good teacher you are, you can never get to 30 children and do 30 different pieces of work and that is what is needed. It's the best type of intervention you can have"

Angela Kershaw, Maths Leader, St Augustine's Academy
Maximise your funding

Maximise your funding

We’re proud to be the most affordable DfE-approved one to one tutoring provider, with subsidised tutoring available through the National Tutoring Programme

“It’s just as effective as bringing in a one to one tutor but it’s so much cheaper, so you can afford to have more children doing it.”

Clare Sealy, Headteacher, St Matthias Primary School, London
Free up staff time

Free up staff time

Schools have a reliable, consistent and easy-to-run intervention for their target groups, giving class teachers more time to focus on whole class teaching

"It's organised and just happens for the children each week. They look forward to it. It makes personalisation nice and easy - for a change!"

Judy Coles, Headteacher, Hague Primary School
Access a community of maths specialists

Access a community of maths specialists

All programmes are built by former maths teachers and pedagogy experts ; all tutors are STEM specialists who complete intensive initial and ongoing maths tutor training

"It’s such a fantastic, well-researched programme. It’s had a huge impact on our pupils’ maths learning. The tutors really build pupils' metacognition."

Simrat Mavi, Deputy Head, St Giles CE Primary School


Schools supported

"The way the tuition is set up is seamless. One of the Deputy Heads recently observed a session and he immediately said “This is fantastic!”. I was thrilled that he had the opportunity to see how engaged the students were." Darren Madourie, Maths TeacherHolte School, Birmingham


Pupils taught

"This will really help me so much! I'm getting more and more confident for my SATs every time I do these sessions! Thank you!" Year 6 pupil Liverpool

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Partner with National Tutoring Programme

We're proud to be a Department for Education-approved Tuition Partner.

Partner with Rising Stars

In an independent trial using PUMA tests, pupils made 7 months' progress in 14 weeks.

Partner with UCL

We've worked with researchers to develop a framework for the ideal one to one lesson.

Partner with What Works for Children Social Care

We've helped to generate evidence and improve outcomes for children in care.

Third Space Learning partner

We're helping to research the UK maths attainment gap and how tutoring can help.

Third Space Learning partner

We've looked at how global tutoring models can make tuition more accessible for schools.

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